How To Wash Your Dog

How To Wash Your Dog At Home

By Linda Hamilton

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How to wash your dog?

A bath can be a joyous experience for your dog, especially if you make him used to it well in advance.


Washing your dog is an important way to take care of your dog. The skin and coat need frequent washes because it keeps dirt and unwanted scents away and decreases hair loss. Dirt buildup can weigh down your dog’s coat and create tangles.


The type of coat your dog has defines how often he needs bathing. For example, breeds with short coats require it every three months, and breeds with curly coats and long coats require washing monthly. Breeds with double coats don’t need as frequent washes because the fur over the undercoat is protective and makes the coat dirt-repellent.

The supplies you need for washing your dog

Preparations before washing your dog

Before starting, collect the needed supplies and products next to the washing area. This way you don’t have to leave your dog out of sight in the middle of the wash.

Take a shampoo, and a conditioner (if your dog’s coat needs it), a towel, and a brush within reach.

Start washing

Take your dog to the washing room and offer him a few treats. This helps your dog with relaxing and the whole experience becomes more positive.

Before you water your dog’s coat, test the temperature of the water. The temperature should be warm but not hot.

Now you can water your dog. Soak him throughtly. Avoid water in the ears, eyes, and nose.

Shampoo and conditioner

Apply shampoo and massage it throughout the coat right down to the skin. Make sure to apply it everywhere, and don’t forget his paws.


Rinse it off carefully with warm water. 


Repeat the same progress with the conditioner. 



It is important that the shampoo and conditioner are high-quality and specifically meant for dogs. Using a high-quality shampoo will leave the coat clean every time. 


A high-quality conditioner helps with giving back natural oils to the dog’s skin that have been previously removed with the shampoo. A good conditioner can prevent tangles in coats and make brushing and combing the coat easier.


Ensure you work the shampoo and conditioner, and water in well with your fingers. This ensures that the entire coat and the skin become clean.


Ensure you are not leaving shampoo or conditioner on the skin since it can cause skin irritations. 

Drying process

Squeeze out the excess water from the coat and dry him with a microfiber towel until he is as dry as possible. When drying with a towel, don’t rub since it can cause tangles. Instead, pat and squeeze.



Take a blow dryer and set it to low heat. I recommend you invest in a high-quality dryer meant for dog grooming. The reason why I recommend it is because with it you get better and faster results. It helps with getting rid of dead undercoat hairs, and it can even make the drying process two times faster. It can be a bit pricey but pays itself back because you spend less time drying your dog’s coat. 



While you are drying the coat, you should use a brush to brush out the coat as you go. This way you can get to every single hair in your dog’s coat. With a comb, you can open tangles from the fur.


Dry the coat thoroughly. 



I suggest that you use a hoodie cap for your dog. It relieves the stress and anxiety that the loud dryer can cause.



After he is completely dry, you should do your dog’s regular coat care depending on the type of coat your buddy has.

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