Why A Treat Dispenser Is Great For Training Your Dog?

Why Is A Treat Dispenser Great For Training Your Dog?

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Would you like to make training sessions with your dog easier?

Let me introduce you to Treat&Train-Treat Dispenser!

Treat Dispenser is a training system for training your dog, which ensures that training sessions become easier! It offers positive reinforcement, calm behavior, and it minimizes distractions

The remote frees your hands from always walking back and forth to place a treat into your dog’s bowl! Just with one click, you’re able to reward your dog from up to 100 feet away! 

It’s suitable for all ages and sizes of dogs!

4,4/5 Star Rating

Easy To Use

Value For Money


Remote Control

The PetSafe Treat & Train treat dispenser is a  remote-controlled device that can be used for training and daily life.

With this product you can effortlessly reward your dog for the correct behavior by pressing the remote control. By pressing the remote, the machine gives treats for your dog.

The treat dispenser uses positive reinforcement, which makes it a great problem-solving tool. This treat dispenser trains your dog to abandon unwanted behavior (for example, jumping on people, barking, or begging at the table) leading to a well-behaving companion.

Why do I recommend a treat dispenser?

With the help of the versatile device, you can use this device for multiple different occasions.

For example, in obedience trainingagility, being alone at home, and meeting strangers.

The operating distance of the reward machine is up to 100 feet, which makes it easy for you to reward your dog from afar. The remote control also works through the front door, so you can exercise even when you are outside and the dog is inside the house – or the other way around! This helps you to teach your dog not to jump on you when you arrive home.

The treat dispenser is a popular training tool in agility. It helps with training your dog to go forward and perform the obstacle, regardless of your location.

With the help of the remote control, one or more treats can be offered to your dog. You can also set a signal sound to the device, which the dog becomes conditioned to. This sound helps the dog understand that the sound in question means they are performing the right behavior and they’ll receive a reward for it.

This treat dispenser is very popular, and it is used by many pet owners and professionals. It is suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs, and it is very simple to navigate.

How do you use it?

Treat & Train- treat dispenser is a reward system controlled by a remote control that is very easy to use.

 Fill the device with your dog’s favorite treats, and when it’s time to reward your dog, just press the button on the remote.


 After pressing the button on the remote, the device will offer one or more treats for your dog.


With the help of positive reinforcement methods, this machine can get your dog to behave in the desired way in every situation.


By rewarding desired behavior, the device is an invaluable aid when you want to divert the dog’s attention away from unwanted behavior. 


You can use the device in various training situations or agility exercises just make sure you use the right treats! 

Still not sure how to use it? Don’t worry!

Comes with detailed instructions to help make training easy!

Which treats are suitable

It’s best to use treats that don’t crumple or break easily since they can get stuck into the machine. For example you can use diced sausage or cheese, or small treats. Make sure that your dog loves the treats!


The treat dispenser comes with the following:
Adjustable stick with removable base
Remote which works up to 100 feets
• Contains two exchangeable discs for different sizes of treats (small or large).
•  Includes a detailed instruction book and instruction DVD

The treat dispenser requires 4 D batteries which are not included in the package

Product dimensions:

16 X 10.5 X 10.25 inches

6.14 pounds

So are you ready to make training sessions with your dog more effortless with the Treat&Train- Treat Dispenser?

Now is the time to do so!

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