Why Is Harness Safer For Your Dog Compared To Collar?

Why Is Harness Safer

Compared To Collar

Harness VS Collar

Overall a harness can be a much safer and more comfortable option for your dog when compared to a collar. If you are going for walks and doing other activities which require your dog to be on a leash, putting a harness on your dog is a better option than a collar.

The overall best harness on the market is the Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness.

It’s great because it has four adjustable straps which makes it secure and comfortable for your dog to wear.  The great thing about it is that it has two clips to which you can attach your dog’s leash. This feature makes the harness great for training and also if your dog is prone to pulling it prevents this from happening.

You might be thinking: ‘Why is harness a better option than a collar?’

 So let me tell you!

A harness is much gentler on your dog’s neck than a collar. Especially if your dog pulls in a leash, the pressure of a leash can cause harm to her neck. For this reason, a harness is a better option because the pressure of the leash is distributed more evenly across the whole body, making it much more comfortable for your dog to wear and less likely to cause any injuries.

Also, some dogs have medical conditions, such as spinal cord injury or arthritis that require wearing a harness, since it can give support and stability to your dog when walking.

How to choose the walking equipment for your dog?

The most important thing when choosing walking equipment for your dog is to make sure it fits properly.

If you choose to wear a collar on your dog, ensure that the collar fits her. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose since it can be uncomfortable and harmful for your dog. The same goes for a harness.

So whichever walking equipment you choose for your dog, ensure it fits properly. The equipment isn’t too tight nor too loose on your dog if you can do two fingers between the dog’s body and the equipment. It shouldn’t choke your dog or slip off.

Make sure the equipment is comfortable and safe for your dog. It shouldn’t weigh a lot and it shouldn’t have any sharp parts on it that could be uncomfortable or harmful for your dog.

Also, a harness should allow your dog to move freely without restricting her movement or breathing.

To prevent any injuries is best that you leash-train your dog. If you want to learn more about it, I have made an article on How To Leash-Train Your Dog.

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